SSL Certificate Expiry Monitoring

TLS Checker monitors your website certificates and notifies you of any problems or expiration events. Free of charge.

TLS Checker - SSL TLS Certificate Check

Get notified when your Certificates need Renewal or Aren’t Working

TLS Checker alerts you whenever something goes wrong. You may want to do a one-time TLS Check Online of your current TLS/SSL certificates or monitor them over time for expiration or other errors. Do a TLS Check on HTTP, IMAP, SMTP, POP3, FTP, SIP, VOIP, XMPP or other protocols.

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SSL / TLS Certificate Alerting System


of web visits are over HTTPS

People are used to and are actually looking for the green lock. TLS Checker helps you maintain a positive web status.


certificates expire every day

Let TLS Checker notify you in case of any possible issue you might have without even knowing.


of the firms experience outages

TLS Checker helps you eliminate the risk of unplanned outages due to expired or misconfigured TLS/SSL certificates.

SSL / TLS Alerts & Notifications

Get alerts about SSL/TLS errors

TLS Checker will detect and report to you whenever there are issues with your SSL / TLS deployments. You will receive alerts about any errors related to your certificates. Checking intervals can be adjusted to as low as 30 seconds. We have multiple locations that can be adjusted as well.

  • Receive alerts about any errors
  • Know about current issues before your users do
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Get notified about upcoming certificate expiry

More than 1 million SSL certificates expire every single day. Know in advance so that you can take measures. Don’t let expired certificates destroy the trust your users have in you.

  • Know in advance about a certificate expiry
  • Never again experience outages because of SSL certificate expirations
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SSL & TLS Certificate Expiry Notification
Notification Channels for SSL & TLS Certificate Expiration

Choose your notification channels

TLS Checker has lots of integrations and notification channels. For example, for one monitor you can set up notifications to multiple team members, via different channels like SMS, Email, Zapier, and more.

  • Put under monitoring multiple endpoints (monitors)
  • Add multiple team members to a given monitor or monitors
  • Set up different notification channels for every team member
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Keep your team members notified

Add your team members to keep them notified of any important event that might occur.

  • Add your team members and specify the alerts they will receive
  • Make sure key team members know what is going on
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SSL Certificate Expiration - Notify Team Members

SSL Certificate Management

If you manage a few SSL certificates it’s not a problem to do it manually, although this is not a good practice. Given that you manage hundreds or thousands of SSL certificates and even more deployments, you will need tools like TLS Checker to help you out.

Manual, Semi-Auto and Automatic Import

You can add your domains and SSL deployments one by one, import them in via lists or let TLS Checker discover your endpoints and add them for you.

Keeping notes

Attach notes to every certificate you care about. If you work with lots of certificates most certainly you will forget something. With these notes you won’t.

Bulk operations

Managing lots of SSL / TLS certificates and even more deployments is a tedious and error-prone job. Let TLS Checker help you.

SSL & TLS Certificate Management
SSL Changes and Transparency - SSL History

SSL Changes & Transparency

Get notified in case your hosting provider or SSL renewal automation fails. TLS Checker is constantly monitoring your SSL certificates. You will be notified whenever a new SSL certificate is issued for your domain.

  • Know if your certificate automation fails
  • Get notified whenever a new SSL certificate is issued for your domain
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Check your SSL / TLS certificate Now!

Do a quick SSL & TLS Check of your website today! Let TLS Checker point you out possible issues that you may have. It is Free.

What is TLS Checker?

TLS Checker is an SSL / TLS certificate monitoring tool. It alerts you whenever there is a problem with any of your certificates and before expiration dates.

Is TLS Checker really Free?

Yes, it is free, there are no fees, no trial periods, no subscriptions, no credit card requirements, nothing.

How can I receive alerts?

You can choose your preferred notification channels, like E-Mail, SMS, Call, Zapier, PagerDuty, Twitter or others. You can also receive alerts about different certificate deployments over different notification channels.

Can TLS Checker monitor specific deployments?

Yes. Most people care about whether their certificates are properly configured and their websites are working. However, with this tool you can monitor HTTPS, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, FTP, SIP and other protocols.

Set up SSL monitoring in seconds

Never worry about SSL / TLS certificates, deployment errors and expiration dates. Let TLS Checker monitor all these things for you.