Showcase your service uptime with status page

Communicate incidents and maintenance to your users within status pages and decent e-mails. Customize your Status Page.

Uptime Status Page - TLS Tracker
Customize your Status Page

Customize your Status Page

Customize your Status page to include your logo, select the UI elements that will be visible and what data to be shown, use your custom domain like Unify the UX of your whole web presence.

Customize your Status Page

Notify your users about incidents and maintenance

Keep your users notified about important events like maintenance, planned downtime or unexpected events like outages. Build the trustworthiness of your service. A decent e-mail notification is a great way how to let your customers know important details about the maintenance windows or expected downtime. There are lots of notification channels like SMS, calls, Zapier and more!

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SSL & TLS Incident Expiry Notification
Keeping notes

Attach notes to every certificate you care about. If you work with lots of certificates most certainly you will forget something. With these notes you won’t.

Private status page

Hide your status page from Search engines and bots and protect it with a password.

Status page Analytics

Add your favorite analytics tool, like Google Analytics, to track the traffic to your status page.

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