Test IMAP SSL Certificate

Test IMAP SSL Certificate

TLS Checker lets you quickly check, either manually or automatically, your SSL & TLS certificates no matter where you have deployed them - be it an email server with IMAP, POP3 or on a different kind of set up.

Our IMAP SSL Check will tell you if you have properly installed your IMAP SSL certificate. Is it valid, its expiration date, and all the available technical details which you may ever need.

With our IMAP SSL checker you can check IMAP certificate manually but what is more important is that you can let TLS Checker monitor automatically your IMAP ssl certificates and let you know in case of problems or any upcoming expiration events so that you will never experience downtime due to expired certificates.

If you are wondering “How to verify that SSL for IMAP works” or “How to do an IMAP certificate check” or “How do I check my IMAP certificates” you are in the right place. TLS Checker allows you to check and monitor IMAP SSL Certificates. You can do it manually or automatically.

Manual testing IMAP via OpenSSL is one of the ways to go when it comes to testing IMAP deployments but sometimes you don’t have access to a box that has OpenSSL command line tools installed, and even if you do - it’s always a good thing to do a remote check by using a tool like TLS Checker.

Some people wonder “Can IMAP use SSL”. SSL and TLS certificates are an universal tool for securing a wide range of protocols, including the IMAP protocol. Always secure your mail server with SSL certificates. You should also set up external monitoring of these certificates as is it easy to forget when they expire.

Do an IMAP SSL Check Now

Do a quick IMAP certificate check and make sure your certificate is valid and properly configured. Setup automatic monitoring and reminders about upcoming expiration dates.